Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use


Purpose and Terms of Use


The purpose of Getuwork.com is to act a medium or to create an online job center where the employer and the job seeker may exchange information or contact each other for fulfilling mutually beneficial needs such as filling genuine job vacancies and also for finding the relevant job opportunities.


The terms mentioned herein such as The Company, GUW, Getuwork, we, us etc.,  refers to Getuwork.com and you, your, user, jobseeker, employer etc. refers to any or all the entities or individuals registered in Getuwork.com or accessing it to avail its services.


You may use Getuwork.com for the purpose of searching for job opportunities, follow the recruiters for finding job posting from the selected companies, search for suitable candidates and download their resumes.


By using Getuwork.com you confirm that you have read and understood the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Getuwork.com and also agrees and accepts them. If you do not accept them please do not use the service of Getuwork.com. By using Getuwork.com you grant GUW the exclusive right on all the data or information as required.  


By posting job vacancies in Getuwork.com the Recruiter/Company confirms that it has all the required license or permits necessary for recruitment and to indemnify Getuwork against all claims or damages arising out of the user's actions.


The Company (Getuwork.com or Getuwork) may revise its terms and conditions or privacy policy in time to time as required and update the same in this posting. These terms and conditions & privacy policy of the company are binding on you under the prevailing law, so you are requested to review them periodically.


The users who violate the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Getuwork.com shall have their access suspended or terminated under the full discretion of Getuwork.com.


The registered user (both under the paid or free membership) shall exclusively operate/use Getuwork.com individually and shall not share the login credentials. Any or/ all kind of sharing, duplicating, copying, recreating, downloading, sharing of passwords or sub-licensing or any use not permitted as per the terms and conditions of Getuwork will be considered as a misuse of the services of Getuwork.com. Getuwork.com reserves all right in protecting its data or products or its revenue or its reputation or claim the damage caused by the misuse by terminating your access and move legally or take any action necessary to claim the damage caused by such malpractice.  


Getuwork.com is a public site with free access and it/ its owners/partners are not liable for all or any issues caused by its user due to lack of quality, genuineness or clarity of information posted in Getuwork by its users.  The job seekers/employers or any other users registered in Getuwork.com shall verify the genuinity of the data posted by other users as we cannot monitor or verify the genuinity of such posted details and Getuwork won't be responsible for any such wrong, misleading or inaccurate information. Getuwork will be liable for any loss of data of its user or damage caused by its user due to unforeseen reasons which include but not limited to natural calamities, strike, Govt. policies, riots, war or tampering of Getuwork data by hackers.


Getuwork will not disclose any confidential information or personal information in its database to anyone other than its agents without the prior permission of this user.


It is prohibited to upload or transmit illicit or illegal or explicit content or any unauthorised data or any unsolicited bulk or commercial email using the service of Getuwork.com. The user shall not use the service of Getuwork.com in violation of any applicable law or regulations or shall not indulge in any misleading or fraudulent acts. Getuwork reserves all right in filtering all contents including all communication you make using the service of Getuwork.com for eliminating spam and also to abide by the standard of best international practice. Any such acts from its user will leave Getuwork with no option other than to terminate the service of such users without further notice and move legally against him for indulging in activities which will defame the name and goodwill of the Company. Getuwork.com or its owners or partners won't be liable for any illegal or illicit or law forbidden activities done by its users.


While registering with Getuwork.com you will be asked to enter valid information including without limitation, including your email id, phone number, identity proof details etc. In addition to the privacy policy and terms and conditions applicable to Getuwork.com, you further consent, agree, accept, confirm and grant the company the unconditional right without limitation or further consideration to disclose certain aggregate information anonymously to third parties. The company won't disclose your personal information without your consent except to the extent necessary to comply with the applicable law for completing the required legal proceedings.


The user is responsible for the safekeeping and maintaining the confidentiality of the details such as his login credentials or bank details. The user shall be solely responsible for all the transactions (Both Online and Offline) he/she makes using his internet banking facilities, credit card, debit cards or other payment gateways including but not limited to  Paytm or Paypal services. Getuwork.com or its owners or its partners are not responsible or liable for any transactions or payments or improper use made by its users or for the issues arises from such transactions. All other disputed between Getuwork and its user will be resolved in accordance with the applicable law of India. The Court of Cochin, Kerala shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute.  


The users are prohibited from indulging in any activities which may affect or violate the security or smooth functioning of Getuwork.com. The user shall not access the server, use any methods to breach the security of GUW, upload virus or any illegal acts that can cause vulnerability to the system or its proper functioning.


Getuwork acts as an online public channel for online publication, distribution of user data or information and it holds no obligation in screening any information or communication in advance. The Company is not liable for any content or information posted by its user and it holds the full discretion in reviewing and deleting the content which it may feel illicit or explicit.


The user shall not use Getuwork.com for producing derivative products or materials which has commercial benefits at any time or in near future without the written consent of the owners or partners of Getuwork Company. The user shall not post the same data repeatedly in order to overload the job portal or shall not indulge in any hacking or any other method to scan and test the vulnerability of the system or network.


The user shall not use any method by means of software or machine to steal or tamper the content of Getuwork.com. The users shall not under no circumstances share the login credentials or give sublicensing or assign or transfer the license to others without the written consent of Getuwork.com.


The user shall not indulge in any activity which is invasive to others privacy, which is of offensive or harrasive in nature, hateful, abusive, disparaging, threatening, related to money laundering, libelous, vulgar, ethnically or racially offensive or unlawful or unethical in any manner. (Ref: Link)


The users of Getuwork.com not allowed to use, display, upload, publish, modify, transmit, update, share or update any information that are:

  1. Related to or belong to another person or entity.
  2. Related to or which are illegal or against natural justice in any manner possible or unlawful.
  3. Infringe any patent, copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights.
  4. Violates any law applicable or for the time being in force.
  5. Disclosure of any information of another which are not rightful or without his/her consent.
  6. Offensive, misleading or menacing in nature.
  7. Use any software, programming code, machine, programs or files to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of Getuwork.com.
  8. Threaten the unity, integrity, defense, security, the sovereignty of India, friendly relation with a foreign state, or public code or cause any legal offense or prevent the investigation of any offense, or is insulting any other nations.
  9. Creating a profile or posting the resume of another on his/her behalf.
  10. It is not allowed to post any content which contains any keywords, links (hyperlinks), email addresses, tags, with are irrelevant, misleading, unlawful and inappropriate.
  11. Shall not use the services of Getuwork.com for any promotional or marketing activities.


The content which includes but not limited to the design, logo, data or information or the programming codes used in the development of Getuwork.com or any other data or content used or published in Getuwork.com is/are owned by the owner/owners or partners of the Getuwork. No user or individual is allowed to copy, reproduce or alter or use the content published or used in getuwork.com without the prior written consent of the management. The Company holds all the Copyright, Patent, Trademark, all Proprietary Rights, right on its logos and other contents used or published in Getuwork.com by the Company. It holds no liability or not responsible for any or all the content posted by its users.


The payment for purchasing the services offered by Getuwork.com shall be made on an advance basis and it is nonrefundable. The user hereby accepts,  agrees and confirms that he/she/it has purchased the service of Getuwork.com after trying the trial and found the service satisfactory and adequate for fulfilling his recruitment requirement. The refunds will be done under the full discretion of the company. In case Getuwork decides to give refunds, it has no guarantee on the time/period its takes in completing the refund process. Getuwork won't be liable or can't guarantee the issues arises out of server issues or application malfunctioning. Getuwork undertakes no liability in giving free service to its users.


Getuwork will not be a party in any legal proceeding between its users. If by any chance the Company is involved then the user or other parties shall bear the full cost and loss caused to Getuwork.com for attending and processing the legal proceeding. All issues arising with Getuwork.com will be solved either by means of mutual discussion or reconciliation. In such a case that both parties fail to solve the issue by means of mutual discussion and reconciliation then the issue will be resolved by means of arbitration. The arbitration will be executed by the arbitrator appointed by Getuwork and the decision made by the arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties. The place of arbitration will be in Cochin, Kerala. In such a case that the issue is not resolved by means of arbitration then it shall be solved in the Court of Law under the jurisdiction of the court in Cochin.   


It is illegal and prohibited to violate the privacy policy, terms and conditions of Gtuwork.com, which includes but not limited to tampering with the content of Getuwork.com and misusing the service of Getuwork.com for illegal or immoral activities. Getuwork reserves all rights at its sole discretion to investigate and take legal action against any user or individual or entity, who indulge in any activities which are illegal and which are against the terms & conditions and privacy policy of Getuwork.com.


The Company is not liable for the genuineness, truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of the contents posted in Getuwork.com. Getuwork won't be responsible for any issues arises in its service caused due to the malfunctioning of third party service providers which includes but not limited to service providers such as for server, mail, SMS etc. The user is solely responsible for the content he/she has posted or someone else has posted on his behalf using his login credentials.


By registering in Getuwork.com and posting content in the site, the user automatically grants or represents and warrants that  user has all the rights to grant to Getuwork an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, paid, unconditional world-wid licence to display, distribute, use, make derivatives of such user contents or to incorporate such content into other works and to grant and authorize sublicenses thereof.


Getuwork reserved the right in removing any content it feels inappropriate. You are allowed to use the resume database of Getuwork.com as provided in the privacy policy or terms of use or current data protection act.  The user agrees not to disclose the data he/she received through Getuwork.com or its database to any third party unless the user is an employment consultant or agent.


The Getuwork database shall be used only for recruitment purpose. The user shall not use the data available in Getuwork database for any unsolicited or unlawful or marketing or promotional purpose. Getuwork at its sole discretion may limit the access of its user or the data available to it user as required. The limits may be changes as per the sole discretion of Getuwork.com.


The Getuwork.com user doesn't have any right which includes but not limited to copyright or intellectual property right on any intellectual data or any content, design or any information posted in Getuwork.com. Getuwork disclaims any or all warranties or infringements.


The service/ subscription purchased for a selected period of time by a user is non-transferable and the user shall use the service by himself for the subscribed period. It is the responsibility of the user to keep the confidentiality of the login credentials assigned to him/her/the entity.  Getuwork is not responsible or liable for any leak or loss of data or information or login credentials of its users or any damage caused to the user due to his negligence or lack of secrecy.


The service provided by Getuwork.com (Service through both Web and Mobile application) is free of cost for the time being. Getuwork at its sole discretion may make its service chargeable in future. The service provided by Getuwork is meant exclusively for individuals and for non-commercial use. Any usage to the contrary for producing derivative works or violating the terms and conditions or privacy policy is strictly prohibited.


The Logos, design and other content of Getuwork are the sole and exclusive property of Getuwork.com which reserves all right, title and interest in Logos, designs, Trademarks, copyright and all intellectual property right. The service provided by Getuwork.com shall be used only for recruitment and job searching purpose and all other usages of the Getuwork.com service are strictly prohibited. The user shall not indulge in any act which includes the following but not limited to uploading/posting/transmitting any files or data or computer virus or use any means of a hacking method to disrupt, damage, defame, slow down Getuwork.com r its related software or application or Companies. Getuwork.com will not be a party in any legal proceeding between its users or other parties registered in it.


As a user registered in Getuwork.com you are bound by the privacy policy, terms and conditions and the prevailing laws applicable now. By agreeing to register in Getuwork.com the user allows Getuwork to contact him or sent the communication by mail or SMS regarding the job offers, information, and other promotional service offers.


Getuwork.com hereby disclaim all the conditions and warranties with regard to this information, software, Web & Mobile application,  products, services and related designs, including all implied warranties, terms and conditions of merchantability, title, and non-infringement. Getuwork won't be liable for any consequential damages caused to its user.


Getuwork reserves all right in changing the look, feel,  design, prominence, depiction, classification of any section of Getuwork.com as per its sole discretion.


The User/Recruiter shall not charge the job seeker in seeking employment through Getuwork.com. Getuwork reserves all right in terminating the service of its user who engages in illegal, immoral or spamming activities. Getuwork reserves the right to change, withdraw, terminate the scope and scale of service at any point of time, without any reason whatsoever.


Getuwork.com service will be available all over India. The terms and conditions may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the Getuwork. Getuwork reserves all right in offering its service to any user or entity and its also reserves all right in terminating the service of any user or entity at its sole discretion.


Note: The clauses mentioned herein might be inadequate or incompatible during certain applications but it will be edited, altered and amended in time to time to make it most suitable and compatible as per the sole discretion of the Getuwork. The user will be bound by the applicable law prevailing in India now and the terms and condition & privacy policy of Getuwork.com.