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    How to get an interview with just a mail!

    Most of the companies will list their email id under their job posting requesting the candidates to send their resume to

    How do we write a mail to an employer?

    Majority of the job seekers will write the below  format:

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    This is regarding the job posting you have listed in so and so website for the position of PHP developer. I feel my experience and skills best suits your requirement. I have attached your resume for your kind perusal.

    Please let me know you need any additional information. I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Thanking you.

    yours faithfully


    The above format is always a copy-paste made from the templates available on the internet.    

    When you see a job posting you must read it thoroughly and understand what the company is expecting from you. Before writing a mail you need to learn more about the company which will give you the ammunition to make your mail interesting and eye-catchy.

    Let's follow a unique protocol while you draft a mail while applying for a job.

    • You need to create a good email id when you apply which has your name like It shouldn't be like

    • Your email subject should be short and onto the point. For Eg: Resume-SEO Analyst- Mike Murphy.

    • The body of the letter shouldn't be like you are writing a mail to your friend. It is where you impress the employer with the content they wish to read.

    For Eg:

    Dear Concerned,

    I am writing to you today with the X Y Z ideas to make your business better or to overcome the obstacle you are facing in the field of marketing or highlighting your products in the market.

    Always learn about the Company to identify their problems so that you can come up with unique ideas and suggestions to make them believe that you are productive and worth hiring.

    write in brief about who and what you dream to be in which you should highlight your short term plans and long term plans.

    While you express your ideas and suggestion, you need to let them know how you are planning to execute your short term and long term improvement plan which will ultimately improve the business of their company.

    You may add something which will disarm the objections felt by the hiring managers.

    For Eg: You can ask the company to try you by making you work for a week or two. If they feel you are unfit for the position then they don't need to pay you. It will make the employer at least try you.

    Make sure your mail causes a RECENCY EFFECT on the reader. You must add some sort of bonus as a P.S. to your message like a general suggestion of added value which should give recency effect to the reader.

    Then comes the Signature part where you need to mention your full name, email Id, and phone number.

    You also need to proofread your mail for spelling errors and grammatical issues. Always try to write in brief rather than writing the body of the mail as an essay with or with long sentences.

    Also, you need to make sure your mail doesn't say that it is sent from a tablet or phone.

    Finally, you need to cover up the dumb things you have put up online. There is a chance that employees will search your name online which can bring up a lot of stuff which can give a negative impression on you.