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    How to choose a job which we love to do?

    An average man works around 80,000 hours in a job. It can be a job he loves doing or something which he hates the most.

    How do we find a job which we will enjoy doing for the rest of our life?

    First, we need to analyze our strength to find out what we are naturally good at or we need to discover our values.

    Everyone wants to be successful in life. For every one success means something different. For one person success can be getting rich, for others, success can be living a happy and healthy life or having fame.

    Do the impossible.

    We need to always try challenging ourselves more and more, push ourselves beyond our limits then we will accomplish the more we realize we can accomplish.

    What we are passionate about doing might not be agreeable to the people around us like our parents and others in our life; as the majority of the parents want their children to be either Doctors or Engineers.

     As Mahatma Gandhi said :

    "First they will ignore you,
    Then they will laugh at you,
    Then they will fight with you,
    Then you win."

    we will have 100 obstacles in front of us but always do something that matters to us. Everything is impossible until someone has already done it.

    Do the things that inspire us so that we can inspire others to do the things that inspire them.

    Surround ourselves with the right people.

    People around us matters as we are an average of the 5 people we spend the day with. Make friends with the people who are positive and are doing the things that we wish to be doing. If we have any negative people in our life then get rid of them as they are the ones who bring us down. Also don't select a career which others have chosen for us as we will end up doing a job which we don't love.

    Our environment is something we can change. The above 3 things are within our control and it can change our world.