Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Getuwork has its own privacy policies to ensure the confidentiality of data of its users. The following privacy statement facilitates you to get an overview of how we gather and deliver your personally identifiable information (PII) with the intention mentioned in About Getuwork. We are highly focused on providing a confidential and secure platform for our use customers by delivering a personalized and unique customer experience. By accepting the terms and conditions or registering to Getuwork you are deemed to be giving consent to use your personally identifiable information (PII) for the above purpose.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII) means any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. The following are often used to distinguish individual identity, as they are traits shared by many people. However, they are potentially PII, because they may be combined with other personal information to identify an individual such as first name and last name, age, sex, address, email, nationality, religion, the name of the school they attend or workplace and so on.

Please read the statement thoroughly and carefully as it determines your rights and obligation under the law.


The intention of privacy policy:


The privacy policies mentioned here is exclusively applicable to with the ultimate intention of protecting our valuable customer data which smoothen the processing of our customers' personally identifiable information (PII).

The site permits you to access links to other related websites for enhancing your experience.  At the same time, it is your responsibility to ensure their terms and conditions and privacy policies are abide with your objectives. So we insist you understand the policies to ensure your security, as we do not have any control of other website or their employers or, their safety measures.


How we work:


In order to use our site, we gather some general information about you such as, personal information, which includes your first name and last name, date of birth, email address, contact number, home address etc., demographic information, behavioral information and some other indirect information. It is indicated on the website, whether any personal or other data must be provided to use the requested service or not. We do not insist your personal data unless you permit us. In addition, it is your responsibility to make sure that the information about third parties like your references or contact details provided to us should have their written consent to do so or they should be aware of it.

The purpose of collecting personal information is to identify you. The purpose of collecting behavioral information is to identify how you use our site, the areas of our site that you visit, which type of information you prefer and information about your computer hardware and software including your IP address, location, browser and operating system type, domain name, access times and referring website addresses etc as these information's are unavoidable to identify the use of resources, troubleshooting problems, preventing fraud and improving our services. However, we do not disclose these to any unauthorized parties unless it is necessary to comply with applicable laws when such information is required.

Moreover, we collect some indirect information about you, when you use other third-party services, which are linked to our site. Collecting such information is considered useful for identifying your area of interest and thus we can enhance our business. We do not use your sensitive financial details, bank details, medical details, biometric information etc. We do not capture your information like your email id password. However, the password of your Getuwork account will automatically get saved in the Getuwork server when you create an account or register with Getuwork. But we are not authorized to access your password unless desired under any legal obligation.  You should be responsible for keeping your Getuwork username and password to be confidential.

Getuwork is committed to providing maximum visibility to your profile and with the intention of that, we allow you to share your information and also we allow others to view your profile. For this purpose, if you access social media we import your data that you have selected to share with us by installing applications or logging into that platform and we make it part of your profile. Those data can be accessed by everyone on the internet or users without accounts and may be visible to public search engine results. However, you can delete the data you do not like to make visible to the public by selecting the privacy settings. You also have the facility to delete the data or by not providing the data at all.

By registering to our site we may personalize the advertising that you are shown on other sites with which we have a business relationship. In order to personalize your data, we acquire information other than that you have shared with us from third party service providers who have business relationships with us like demographic detail, your search preference etc.

The following clarifies how we provide our service and some conditions you should also be aware of:


1) In order to apply through Getuwork, you should be 18 years old or more than 18 years old.

2) The information we gathered from our customers will be used for providing quality services. The ultimate object of Getuwork is to provide maximum visibility of our customer’s profile and thus enhance all possible and applicable opportunities for our customers. For this purpose, we share your relevant information to our business partners, job seekers as well as employers, whichever is applicable. But you can decide whether your information remains to be public or private by selecting the privacy settings. Instead of this, we value your feedback which will help us to improve our business and customer satisfaction. If you require any clarification regarding the registration procedures or you have any queries or doubts we facilitate you to share with us.

3) After accepting the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Getuwork you are deemed to give us your consent to use your information subject to the local law in the following ways:

4) To gather information from you and based on that we gather information from other third parties who have the business relation with us such as your contacts or advertisers.

5) To contact you regarding our service updates, to inform you about new career opportunities, providing newsletter and other service related matters. While registering, you have the options to either opt in or to opt out from getting these kinds of communications from us.

6) In case, if you choose to opt-in to get these types of information from us and later you think you do not need such kind of promotions you can opt out from it by going to the privacy settings.

7) We may conduct surveys, contest, promotions and to provide the result thereof etc. Getuwork has the right to share your information with employers, with the intention to proceed with the hiring process. If required, they may contact you directly either through email or by using your contact number.

8) Getuwork also permits you to share job opportunities with your friends and connections.

9) To provide the information you selected as the public can be viewed by others around the world. If required they can be accessed, stored and keep your profile.

10) Getuwork takes the necessary steps to safeguard your information from unauthorized access. But Getuwork does not have control over third parties and is not responsible for the use of information you post or otherwise make available in public of Getuwork site. It is advisable, not to enter sensitive information like your bank account details, personality profiles etc.

11) Getuwork has taken all necessary technical and possible measures to safeguard your security. But as an internet user, you should understand that the internet is an open door and we cannot guarantee that every time it will remain secure. You should also be aware that your current employer may also visit Getuwork.

12) Getuwork and other business partners together may conduct context or feedback survey for its customers or users.  If you are interested you can participate and your information will become a property for us to enhance our business. In such case also we are not responsible for how the third party uses your information.

13) While you register with Getuwork website, some information is mandatory to provide and if you are not willing to provide those details, we will not be able to provide our services.

14) We may use your contact information to update with you about our new commitment, new job opportunities, other promotions etc. the nature and frequency of these communications will depend upon the information we have about you. At the time of registration, you have the option to either opt in or opt out from these kinds of communications.

15) Getuwork cannot assure you that all of your private communications and other personal information will never be disclosed in ways not otherwise described in this privacy commitment. As we are committed to protecting your privacy, we cannot promise you that all your information will remain private always. As an internet user or user of the website, you should understand and give consent that you assume all responsibility and risk associated with your use of the website and the internet generally.

16) If you are intended to buy a product or service rendered by us we will ask you to provide your basic personal information and also will ask about sensitive information like your participation in trade association, bank account details etc. moreover, we have the right to share information with third parties who assist us in the process of delivering our products and services to you. We are authorized to disclose your relevant details to companies and individuals we authorize to perform functions on your behalf.

17) We have the authority to keep your resume in the searchable database if you make your resume searchable. If you are not making your profile public, that does not mean that you will not get job opportunities. You may get accessed by our third party service providers and we allow you to upload your resume to employers registered with our websites. But you should be aware of their terms and conditions over which we have no control.

18) If you want to make your resume available public but you do not wish to disclose your contact information you can hide your contact details. You will also be able to hide those details by not including that in your resume.

19) If you post any of your personal data in public forum or chat session or searchable database of Getuwork, you should be aware that we cannot guarantee you who may view those details and you are only responsible for the issues associated with it.

20) We allow you to change your previous details at any time you wish by logging on to our website by using the edit option. We should prefer to keep your resume up to date so that you can experience a better service from us. If you face any difficulty to use your account you can contact us by the helpline number or by email. If you are unable to use your account for quite a long time, we may contact you to update the details. If you want to hold or close your account due to some reasons you can inform us regarding that. In case of closure or deletion of your account, we will send you a confirmation email regarding the closure or deletion of your account. But we are authorized to hold your details in archive folder only for the purpose of audit and also for our business record purpose. It cannot be accessed by third parties and it will not reveal your personal details.

21) You are able to delete your account anytime you wish but we have the authority to identify the right person is using the account. We also have the right to restrain you from doing such actions if it would violate other person’s authority or as otherwise permitted by applicable law. If your data has already accessed or used by third parties we are not responsible for any issues related with third parties even if you delete or close your account with us. If we require some additional time to allow you to access your data we will acknowledge the receipt of your request within 45 days or applicable by law.

22) The referral program offered by is to increase the data in talent pool offered freely to registered Recruiters/Companies and also with the intention to generate extra income to people who are interested in making additional income. It is not mandatory for the candidates to join/subscribe for the referral program. Getuwork or its owners or its affiliates wont be liable for any issues caused between the referrer and referee or any issues caused using the payment gateway or any issue arised during th use of the referral program. GUW will be liable only to pay referral bonus to the eligible persons as per the terms of use.

23) In any case, if you are not able to agree with any of our rules you can contact us or you can delete your consent. By doing so, you will not be able to get our services and your account and profile information will get delete.


Policy on use of Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies


Getuwork uses cookies, programming scripts and or/ any other tracking technologies in order to administer the functioning of the job portal efficiently and provide the user with a unique personalized experience. The purpose of the use of such technologies is to recall the information used by the user earlier. In order to analyze the current trends and statistics, Getuwork may collect information necessary for it which excludes the personal information of the user.


Amendment of privacy policy


We have the authority to alter or change the privacy statement at any time. If any such amendments happen in future we will notify all our customers through their email address registered with us. Instead of that, we also publish those amendments through a notice on our website.


Feedback and queries


We believe that customer feedbacks and queries have a prominent role in enhancing our business and services, taking on new strategies and policies etc. In spite of this, if you want any clarification about our privacy policy, or if at any time, you feel that we are violating the privacy policy, kindly do not hesitate to contact us at